Our Staff


Wayne Younger

Executive Director

x540 / wyounger@pittburghproject.org


Service & Leadership


Doreen upshaw

Director of Service and Leadership

x537 / dupshaw@pittsburghproject.org


rick mason

Assistant Director of Service & Leadership

x527 / rmason@pittsburghproject.org


natasha thrasher

Middle & High School Outreach Coordinator

x550 / nthrasher@pittsburghproject.org


John lozecki

Out-Of-School Time Program Coordinator (K-5)

x530 / jlozecki@pittsburghproject.org


Courtney Zellers

Service Camp Coordinator

x526 / czellers@pittsburghproject.org


Ross Kronenbitter

Homeowner Care Coordinator

x553 / rkronenbitter@pittsburghproject.org


JaVon Howse

Middle & High School Outreach Assistant

x315 / jhowse@pittsburghproject.org


Emily Hawthorne

Middle & High School Program Assistant



Kimberly Hunter

Pulse Fellow



Kim Carter

Director of Operations

x215/ kcarter@pittsburghproject.org


Ron Cashdollar

Facilities Manager

x532 / rcashdollar@pittsburghproject.org


Michael Drudy



Efrem Bledsoe


Duwayne Todd



Michael jordan



Organizational Development


Sharon Watkins

Finance & Development Manager

x528 / swatkins@pittsburghproject.org


gabriel ackman

Marketing & Development Manager

x581 / gackman@pittsburghproject.org


Board of Directors


Errika Fearbry Jones, president

Chief Of Staff
Pittsburgh Public Schools


Dennis Allan, Vice President


North Way Christian Community


Brian Blackwell

Vice President of Corporate Quality

Wabtec Corporation


Elise Roby Yanders

Senior Vice President

Merrill Lynch


Dr. James K. Hayes

Vice President

Wabtec Corp.