Why Volunteer?

What does it mean to be a volunteer? To be a volunteer means to use your gifts and passions to serve alongside an organization that needs the support of others to best serve the community. Volunteers are the backbone of so many organizations, and they are vital to the sustainability of our ministry. It is our hope that through serving with us you will have an outlet to share your passions and gifts with us and the community. It is also our hope that you will develop a passion for our mission, and we hope you will see how vital the work you do with is in helping us strive to meet our mission every single day.

So why volunteer with us? Because we are working to always do work that puts the needs of the community first. Whether it is working with kids, maintaining our campus, or serving the homeless community, you can be sure that needs of the community are coming first. That doesn’t mean that the work will always be your favorite thing to do, but it does mean that the work matters. We also know that while our community has needs, as a volunteer you do as well. At The Pittsburgh Project we can work with you to serve with the passions you already have. So, let us know what you are passionate about, what gifts you have, and how you want to serve, and we can join together in passionately serving this community.